How often does it happen to you? You’ve made arrangements, made a decision to do something, or to go somewhere at a certain time. Then your plans are thrown into disarray, something else comes up that causes you to delay, change or even cancel your well thought out plans.

How do you respond in these moments? Do you throw a tantrum, get angry, annoyed, frustrated, think to yourself why me?

Or do you handle the moment with calm and dignity and accept what has happened, realising that things don’t always go according to plan.

Making a fuss about something that has changed unexpectedly, just creates more mayhem and dissatisfaction for yourself and probably for others. How much better would it be to accept and allow the moment to pass and just get on with doing something else.

It’s happened, it’s changed, and so be it. That’s life, nothing is forever, nothing is set in concrete and being flexible and changeable makes for a more content, peaceful and happier existence for all.

If you are a person who finds it difficult to accept change, it could well be something that happened way back when you were a child. It might have been something you heard, saw or experienced. In your mind go back to the earliest time you can remember being upset or annoyed at someone or something. See if you can find a connection, something that triggers your frustration today.

Once you’re able to find the original source, the moment you were upset, give it a SUDS rating from 1-10, how upset were you? Then you can tap on everything connected to that memory and release it. Once you’ve brought the emotional connection down to a zero, so that it no longer affects you, then change that memory to how you would have like it to have been.

Notice when you’ve done this, how much lighter and better you feel. This technique works and by changing your bad memories to good memories, your whole world will change.