Even your physical ailments are a product of your perception.

When you focus continually on past memories that have upset you, this causes stress and tension in your body. Eventually the stress, tension and anxiety turns into pain, which progresses into disease and illness.

Each memory is connected to an emotion, it might be sadness, fear, loneliness, guilt, shame, whatever it is.  How you think and feel creates a state of being. When you start your day thinking about a past hurt or upset, then your state of being is in the past.

This results in your familiar past becoming your predictable future. What you focus on you bring into existence. By focusing on unpleasant experiences in the past, can only result in similar experiences occurring in the future. You are the sum total of your thoughts.

The stronger an emotional reaction you have to an experience in your life, when all your focus and attention is on that experience, your brain takes a snapshot of it and that is called a ‘memory’. That’s why you can often remember something traumatic, but it may not be as easy to remember the other lesser emotionally charged events.

There are exceptions to this, if you’ve experienced a trauma and can’t remember anything about it, what you’ve done is shut down that part of your brain as it’s too fearful to recall.  Then you may find you’re triggered by images, sounds, smells or even tastes and not be aware that it’s associated to that trauma.

You end up living your life in survival mode, under stress, because you are anticipating life based on a past experience. You’re conditioning yourself into a state of fear and doubt. It’s all programmed into your subconscious, hold onto the stress and fear and eventually you might have a panic attack.

Every time you recall that same negative emotion the mind sends a signal to your body, this is your fight or flight response. It creates stress so your body is constantly living in that past experience. The negative thoughts keep firing and wiring and those neurological pathways become more ingrained, it’s a vicious cycle. Your body tenses up and the programme runs.

It’s important to find a qualified therapist to help find the source of a trauma and completely clear it and then change the memory to a positive one.

Sounds impossible? It is definitely possible, that’s how FasterEFT works, it’s the missing piece to any other healing technique.