The news on television, radio, all media, tends to focus on catastrophes and negative events.

Good news stories are few and far between. This has people believing that the world is full of violence, terrorism and natural disasters. It makes us fearful and wary of each other, it puts doubt and insecurity into the minds of those who watch and listen the most.

When you think about the people you associate with, your family, your friends, your work associates, what do they talk about, what is their focus on? Are your discussions about happy, positive events, things you can do to help others, to make life better? Or do you talk about other people, criticising and complaining?

People who watch soapies on television, who are exposed to negative happenings, seem to be the most stressed of all.  They talk about assaults, scandals, dramas, stuff that brings people down. What we feed our mind has an impact on the person we become.

Yes, there are unhappy events around the world, but there are just as many good ones too. By focusing on the dramas, you can’t change or influence what has happened. Society is being brainwashed into believing that the world is rotten and cruel.  When you look for negativity you will find it.

When you look for positivity, you will find it. Scientists from Oxford and Harvard state that we live in a very safe time. There are fewer wars, murders, thefts and accidents.

But sadly there is more unrest and more breakdowns of communication and relationships. The last is due to the media. Our brain is like a sponge and absorbs everything it is exposed to, both in images and sounds.

The media has a lot to answer for. It is responsible for destroying the good names and reputations of not only individuals, but of nations and entire continents, and religions.

What is available to us on television, radio, newspapers, and all media is the opinions and values of people whose criteria is to divide and create controversy. It’s what sells, it’s all about financial profits and it’s what people are being exposed to the most.

Look and notice that each channel has precisely the same events and the same descriptions, sometimes repeated word for word. The news items are peppered with messages of terror and suspense to keep people interested. It’s called indoctrination and society is subjected to it daily.

It’s a skewed image of the world. For those who are prepared to travel and get out and about, the reality is that the world is very different to how it is portrayed in the media. Yes of course there are criminals and unsavoury characters in every country, but for the most part most people are well intentioned, they are good, they are welcoming and despite our differences, we are all the same.

We love our families, our friends and our communities, we help, support and encourage those who are less fortunate and we appreciate the good in others.

So how do we go about ridding ourselves of insecurity, self-doubt and fears?

Stop watching the news, stop reading the sensational headlines in the newspapers and in the media.  As long as you keep adding unpleasant and negative news to your beliefs and thoughts, you will experience stress, tension and a lack of faith in humanity.  Stop being programmed by the media.

It’s a choice you make, be affected by the negative opinions of others or be in control of your thinking and choose wisely.

Associate with people who have a positive mindset, read, listen and look for the good in everyday situations. If your friends and family are negative, love them for who they are, but unless they are prepared to change their thoughts and their thinking spend less time with them. Harsh decisions, but if you want to be the best you can be, then that is the reality.

You become like the five people you spend your most time with, so choose your friends wisely. If you have different points of view and beliefs to others, that’s ok. Respect and love them for where they’re at, but be true to yourself.

Think for yourself, read positive, mental attitude books. Immerse yourself in videos that are uplifting and positive.

The person you are is what you hold within, be aware of what you feed your mind on a daily basis.