What if we woke up tomorrow with only what we were grateful for today?

What would we have left?  Put it into perspective.

It’s so easy to get worked up about little things. If you want to find a reason to get annoyed, you will. If you want to find a reason to complain about someone, you will. If you want to find someone to get on your nerves, you will.

There are many opportunities to get frustrated, disappointed, annoyed at other people, places and situations.

We tend to not live our lives as they are, we tend to live our lives worse than they are.

Don’t waste your life complaining, this doesn’t solve problems, it just attracts them.  Whenever we complain we’re stopping our ability to change.

Complaining is contagious, it affects everyone around us. It creates dissatisfaction and disharmony and we find ourselves surrounded by others who tend to complain. Complaining about what has happened, won’t change the outcome of the future.

When we complain about family members, remember there are some people who are disconnected from their families and in some circumstances don’t know whether they’ll ever see them again.

When we complain about our jobs, there are some people who would give anything to be able to work for a living, but they’re never given the opportunity.

When we complain about our education, there are children in the world who don’t have access to education.

If today were the last day of your life, how would you change your thoughts and your actions? How would you change the way you connect with your friends and family? You never know when the last thing you say will be the last time anyone hears your voice.

Choose to stop complaining and notice how your life changes.

The secret to happiness and contentment is knowing that you already have everything you need.