Life goes on and each day we collect extra emotional baggage that needs to be removed.

I recently had a holiday in Bali with my family, it was wonderful, but there were also moments that weren’t as I would have liked them to be. To keep our family dynamics private and not wanting to distress anyone I won’t go into detail.

But something was said by a family member that triggered me in a very negative way. The words “you’ll never see me again” were used when someone was inebriated and not in control of their thoughts. I immediately felt distressed and I knew I needed help.

These exact words were often said to me as a child. Little did I realise the affect they would have on me as an adult. It was when I studied FasterEFT and knew how I had been impacted. A big part of my training was to swap sessions with other practitioners and I had done hours of work on these particular memories. I thought I’d cleaned it all up.

When I recently heard those words being said again I realised I was still holding onto some aspects and I needed help to let it all go. So I booked in for a 2 hour session with another practitioner.

I am constantly alert and aware of how it is easy to process words, images and experiences and allow them to affect us in an adverse way. I’m human too and am so grateful that I can call on other qualified people to help me release and let go of any emotional baggage.

I’m not too proud to say that I too sometimes need help.