How many people recognize their inherent brilliance? So many of us are critical and unforgiving of ourselves. We regard ourselves as small and insignificant.

It’s true isn’t it!

We were all born with a clean slate, we started life with the chance to be the best we could be. So what happened?

We experienced life. And often our experiences weren’t always ideal. What we heard, saw and felt, changed that innocent child’s perspective and beliefs.

We accumulated layers of emotional baggage that dampened our enthusiasm.  We learnt fear, guilt, shame, anger and many other destructive emotions. We learnt to hide from the world in order to be safe.

Imagine yourself buried beneath a pile of clothing. Until you remove each piece, one by one, the true and authentic person remains buried, hidden from view.

When you shed the layers, you release yourself from that emotional prison. When you reclaim your true self, you realise that you have a lot to offer with your uniqueness and your individuality.

How to do this?

It’s about addressing painful experiences from the past, acknowledging what happened, and then releasing the hurt, the anger and the fear. It’s peeling away each limiting mental and emotional layer, one by one.

It takes effort and sometimes you need someone to help you through. Over time, the clutter is stripped away, leading you to the core of your inner truth. Self-doubt, insecurity, questioning your self-worth are common thoughts, feelings and behaviours. 

To judge yourself harshly doesn’t serve you and only further isolates you from your true self.

Is it time to invest in yourself and find that child-like innocence again?