I’d made a curried rice salad and needed one carrot to complete it. There are three local IGA stores which I frequent in preference to the larger supermarkets. But none of them sold a single carrot, they were all in packets. Buying a bunch would have been a waste, they don’t last and I would end up throwing the rest away, eventually.

So I made a purposeful trip into the city to Woolworths to buy one carrot. But of course while I was there I bought other supplies as well and lugged the huge bag of goodies back home.

I unpacked and…….YES, I’d left the carrot behind in the trolley. So I’ll end up walking across the road to Parap Fine Foods and buying a whole bunch of carrots.

I’m not sure what the lesson was that I learned here. It’s certainly ended up costing me an exhorbitant amount in both money and time. Money for the extras I bought at Woolies and the petrol and running costs of the car. Time spent visiting three IGA stores and then driving into the city. All for ONE CARROT.

In future if I need just one carrot, I’ll buy a bunch, or maybe I need a pet rabbit.