Me too. As a very private person, someone who always found it difficult to talk about myself, it wasn’t easy to make that decision to show up on the internet.

For those of you (probably all) who use Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and all the other internet platforms, no doubt know it’s impossible to hide.

I started my journey way back when the internet first appeared, sometime in the early 90s. I posted some pictures of my art on a website in Manchester, UK and I live in Australia. They were looking for contributions and I said that I was born in the UK (true story) so my art was accepted. To this day I still receive invitations from them to enter my artwork in their competitions.

I also wrote a weekly article to a USA website. They had invited people to send in a story from their local area, and I was accepted as a regular contributor. I called mine “Despatch from Darwin” and I did this for almost three years.

Since those early days I’ve been a regular poster on Facebook and Instagram and of course I have this website up and running. It all takes time and effort and is a huge commitment.

Why did I put myself out there in the first instance? you might ask. I knew that if I wanted to play bigger, if I wanted to help others and be contactable, I had to be willing to share myself and my world.

Holding back and staying anonymous, shutting the door, keeping quiet, would inhibit my ability to reach out to people.

We are no longer hidden or private, our lives and our daily thoughts and habits are all out there and exposed to the world.

There is no going back, everything that we have said cannot be retrieved or changed. It’s out there forever, whether we like it or not.

What makes me keep going and adding to the library of information, is the hope that my contribution is helping others. That’s my big consolation and the reason I am prepared to continue on this journey.

If you have a venture, a business or an idea that you want to promote and share, you need to be brave enough to put yourself out there. Be willing and ready to be criticised, rejected and ignored. Because that too will happen. It’s not all smooth sailing, there will be bumps in the road.

But the rewards are worth it. I’m still learning and forever changing direction, as the internet itself is continually changing and evolving. These are exciting times to be in and I’m grateful for the opportunity, even though sometimes I wonder what it would be like to return to anonymity.