Some estimates state that the human brain processes between 12,000-50,000¬†thoughts per day. Others that we average around 70,000¬†thoughts. Whatever it is, it’s a heck of a lot of thinking we do.

The mind is always buzzing about something, unfortunately most of the thoughts are repetitive, thinking about past events, fearful of the future or simply just nonsense.

Most of the time, we’re on automatic pilot, not really aware of these thoughts.

Your thoughts and behaviours are predictive of how successful and happy you will be in life.

Thoughts either support you or they don’t. They can be helpful and effective, or limiting, negative, and harmful.

Many thoughts are just mental noise, nothing important, but they still impact on our emotional well-being.

When a thought comes through, notice if it is helpful or harmful. If it’s harmful, give yourself a message, say “STOP” and immediately take your mind to something pleasant.

Thoughts can have power over us, choose to take back your power and don’t let negative thoughts impact on your life.

Start to become more aware of your thoughts as they pass by. The process gets easier with practice.