If someone speaks rudely to you, or treats you with contempt, don’t take it personally. Their words and actions are due to their own experiences.

It’s really not about US at all. It is about THEM and what’s inside them coming out and projecting onto us.

We only see in someone else what we have in us. When we say something to another person it’s good to check and see if we are really just projecting what we feel about ourselves. When we point the finger at someone else, three fingers are pointing back at ourselves.

I’ve had friends who haven’t contacted me, it’s always been me making the effort, much to my annoyance. When I have eventually reached out to them they were very thankful. I’ve realised that I was the one judging and making assumptions, I didn’t really know the reason for their holding back. It turns out one in particular had very low self-worth and insecurities and was of the opinion that I really wasn’t interested in being her friend.

It’s all about walking in another’s shoes and meeting them where they are at.

When someone treats you unkindly recognise it for what it is and love them anyway.