Don’t allow your setbacks to transform you into someone you aren’t.
A strong person still cries and can feel hurt but then they get up and fight again for what they believe in.

I subscribe to many Facebook groups, one in particular is for those who have had relationship issues, in particular someone has cheated on them.

This is a recent post from me to that group –

“I read your posts and fully understand your hurt, anger and your bewilderment.
I experienced what you are going through 10 years ago, after 43 years married my husband walked out the door and never looked back. I was blindsided, I loved him and couldn’t ever have imagined this would happen to me.
But now I know it happens to anyone, at any time. And for those left behind, it’s crippling.
For those of you questioning yourself, my thoughts are that no-one deserves to be cheated on, to be lied to, to be treated with disrespect.
You get what you think you deserve, if you stay and accept then that’s what you deserve, nothing more, nothing less.
Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, dignity and to be loved and cherished. Don’t accept anything less.
These days I’m a qualified Stress Relief Therapist and I help people with stress, anxiety, depression and all those associated emotions.
I’m always happy to chat, just send me a pm.”

Several from the group reached out to me on Messenger which tells me that maybe they don’t have anyone that they feel they can call on.

If you know someone who is going through a divorce or separation, even if they don’t ask for your help, know that they are hurting and need support. Be there for them.