Have you ever wanted help but been too proud to ask, or thought everyone else is too busy to do something for you?

People (most people) like to be of service, they enjoy being there for someone, being able to help, support or encourage in some way.

When you say no to an offer of help, you are denying that person the chance to do something they want to do, you are being selfish and inconsiderate.

My day was planned, I was going to connect with a business colleague on Skype to chat about ideas. Then I had a call from my young grandson, “nan can you take me and Levi to the movies?”

I cancelled my Skype call for another day to adhere to Cassidy’s request. I was thrilled to think that he asked me to take them, he could have thought to himself that I was too busy or that I wouldn’t be keen.

I enjoy being there for him, doing things with him, so I jump at any opportunity.

Give people the chance to help, it’s a win win, you get the help you need and they get the chance to be of service to others.

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