Animals Trusting Humans

The Trust Technique® recognizes that animals and humans share feelings. By reducing our thinking levels we create a feeling of peacefulness and share this with our animals.   A quiet mindset allows an animal to look at things differently, building trust and confidence and allowing them to be peaceful where previously they had a fear-based reaction and produced unwanted behaviours.

I came across the Trust Technique®, founded by James French and Shelley Slingo, and although it was a very different direction, I knew I was meant to do this study. As a practitioner I can work with both domestic and large animals – including cats, dogs and horses. I guide and support people so that they can personally create positive changes in the relationship with their animal companions.

Unlike conventional methods of training, which is usually about control and dominance, the Trust Technique® creates a listening state, allowing for clear communication and understanding between the animal and the person; one based on trust and confidence.

To learn more about this beautiful technique here’s the introduction video course, part one of which is free: