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“Reach out, it’s time to free yourself from that emotional prison”

Cell Phone: +61 401 993 576 AU / +44 7927633292 UK
Both Private and Group Sessions
Skype sessions – my Skype name is: Margi Batson

After 20+ hours of sessions, Margi with her charming, loving, patience, informative and deep understanding skillfully facilitate me unfolding so many issues that keep me stuck, reframe my perspective and see the world differently … Thank you Margi ❤️

Aliss - Jakarta, Indonesia

I cannot recommend Margi enough. I came to her an emotional wreck. I found her to be patient, gentle, loving and informative. I looked forward to our weekly sessions.  I can honestly say, that after 6 weeks, I am a completely different person emotionally and my anxiety has all but disappeared. Thank you Margi. You have not only helped me, but given me tools that I will use for the rest of my life.  – Nisha – Darwin

I am so glad that I took the step to see Margi and try  FasterEFT. After years of battling with anxiety and stress I feel in control of my thoughts and my life for the first time in years. FasterEFT has provided me with the tools to let go of my past and has greatly improved my current quality of life. Thank you Margi for your patience, kindness and support. – Jessica – Darwin

I had a few sessions with Margi and she’s a very good practitioner. She’s empathetic, kind and hears you out compassionately. I felt so much lighter after my session with her. She knows when to pull you out of the old story that you have been believing about yourself. I highly recommend doing sessions with her. I’m so glad I did. – Pia Uttam, – Level 3 practitioner – Indonesia

For the past few months Margi has been assisting me to release old ways of dealing with situations that have not been conducive to positive outcomes. Through using FasterEFT I am able to deal with my anxiety easier and stop it from escalating.
Working with Margi I find very helpful and she has a lots of different ways to help you to go through your issues with great support and understanding. She always finds a way to tackle any obstacle. I feel comfortable working with her and I recommend her highly.
John K. Victoria

Margi has helped me through some issues that were affecting my quality of life, fear of flying being one of them.  Without her support I may possibly have missed out on some fun things.  I will always think of her when crossing bridges that’s for sure- Lorna – Darwin

Thank you so much for the session this morning, my neck has been great all day.
My sister, her sister-in-law, Mum and I got together for morning tea and I was the pick of the day. In other words my sister bantered with me over all my stuff and all I could do was laugh and have a good time.  No tension, no more stress held in my neck, love it.
You have a great style and I loved how you worked with me to remove my perception of my controlling, manipulative and critical sister.  MP Newcastle