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Margi’s work has literally changed the fabric of my life. I am struggling to remember the overwhelm and the stress that I brought to our first session. Today I feel clear, empowered and on-purpose. I have been aching for these feelings for a long, long while. Margi is both an extraordinary facilitator and an extraordinary human. She radiates the wisdom of a great elder and holds space as such. In all of our sessions together I felt validated and unjudged. I trusted her process and it led me deeply into my authenticity, compassion and self love. I easily surrendered decades of struggle and honestly I am in awe as I familiarise myself with this new inner landscape that is mine. There is so much space to breathe in the possibilities of the future. I am so grateful.  I now have a skillset to simply and effectively let go of ‘stuff’ as it comes up. I know that life will continue to bring challenges and opportunities to grow. The technique that Margi has taught me gives me the confidence to meet these inevitable obstacles. I have made good use of this skill set on my own already. It is wonderfully empowering.  Melanie NSW – Sept 2019

Working with Margi has been life-changing. My eyes have been opened to so much light and I feel my mind has gained clarity and after every single session I feel confident and powerful. The fear and worry subsides. So thankful that my soul was guided to work with her and I will continue to do so ☺️💜  Neesha – UK – Aug 2019

After 20+ hours of sessions, Margi with her charming, loving, patience, informative and deep understanding skillfully facilitate me unfolding so many issues that keep me stuck, reframe my perspective and see the world differently … Thank you Margi ❤️  Aliss – Jakarta, Indonesia – June 2019

Danielle  had significant changes after just a couple of sessions. I am humbled to be able to help others change their beliefs and perceptions.

Danielle, Adelaide – Aug 2019

I was suffering from emotional distress and depression for a very long time. I grew up in a very toxic and abusive environment where fear, insecurity, and suffering were always present. I have done so many treatments before and nothing was helping. Then I met  Margi and we started a FasterEFT program. I remember I already felt a relief in the first session. After a few sessions, I was already feeling so much lighter and started to feel pleasure for life again. These tapping techniques are so simple yet so powerful. I highly recommend. Besides, Margi is a lovely person with a big heart. 💖 Amanda Batista – Brazil – 2018

I cannot recommend Margi enough. I came to her an emotional wreck. I found her to be patient, gentle, loving and informative. I looked forward to our weekly sessions.  I can honestly say, that after 6 weeks, I am a completely different person emotionally and my anxiety has all but disappeared. Thank you Margi. You have not only helped me, but given me tools that I will use for the rest of my life.  – Nisha – Darwin – 2015

I am so glad that I took the step to see Margi and try  FasterEFT. After years of battling with anxiety and stress I feel in control of my thoughts and my life for the first time in years. FasterEFT has provided me with the tools to let go of my past and has greatly improved my current quality of life. Thank you Margi for your patience, kindness and support. – Jessica – Darwin

I had a few sessions with Margi and she’s a very good practitioner. She’s empathetic, kind and hears you out compassionately. I felt so much lighter after my session with her. She knows when to pull you out of the old story that you have been believing about yourself. I highly recommend doing sessions with her. I’m so glad I did.

– Pia Uttam, – Level 3 practitioner – Indonesia

OOPS!  I updated my website in October 2019. Unfortunately I mistakenly deleted two testimonials, from John and Nathan, and I was unable to retrieve them. 

Just saying as it might seem that I work only with women, not so. Both John and Nathan had great success after their sessions and gave me wonderful testimonials.